Packaging Examples
Retouching samples
Prescription Refill Print Campaign
New Mammography Department Opening Print Campaign
Trauma Prevention Campaign
Travel Design (catalog & web banners)
Nerina perfume magazine ad concepts
Roland Two Page Magazine Ads
Holiday Body Butter Packaging
House of DVF Campaign
Sunglass Catalog Concept Project
Real Estate Booklets
The Royals Ad Campaign
The Engine Room Two Sided Folded Brochure
Bilingual Way Finding Brochures
Two Page Flyer
Chained Movie Campaign
Print Labs Box Packaging
NCC Advertising Print Campaign
The Perfect Blend Campaign
WPT DVD Packaging Concept
The Engine Room Website
Frederick's Campaign
LACC Club Brochure
Perfume campaign design concept
Promotional Postcards
Outdoor Billboard Design Concept
Print Labs Disc Packaging
Assembly Instruction Manuals
BOOM TV Show Information Packet
NCC Website
Technical Illustrations
Tippmann Magazine Ad Concepts
Strands Of Hope Event Poster
Salon Blue Website
"For Reel" DVD Packaging Design
Storage.com Logo Concepts
Jean Packaging
Lip Balm Packaging
Annual Report Project
Hair Product Line
Nail Polish Display
New Cell Therapy Packaging
Highmark Digital Disc Packaging
KP Guidebooks
De-Clutter Crew Information Packet
Divido Plumbing & Heating Branding
DVD Cover Concept Artwork
Golf Club Magazine Ad Concept
Post-It Notes Ad Concepts
LAWA Flyer
Dynamics Banners
Ivory Soap Ad Concepts
Shark-Fest Postcard
Teen Support Poster
Versace Two Page Magazine Concept
Apparel Design
APTC Website
Tastee Freez 15x10 Translite Sign
Moonlight Mixers Business Card Layouts
As You See Fit Campaign
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